Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Forgot to post this amazing cake
my sister Laura made us...
so sad they lost!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

To my dear faithful followers....
I would just like to ask for prayer.
My dear friend Jul Hoober, was diagnosed with
Ovarian Cancer at the end of last year.
She has been going through Chemo and
has an amazing support team.
What breaks my heart is that she is thousands of miles
away from me.
I so wish I could go with her to an appointment, hold her hand, and hug the
heck out of her!
She has been such a great example to me on how
to be a loving, Godly mother and wife.
She has the biggest heart and has been so positive through this
whole experience!
Please follow her blog and pray God's abundant hand of love and mercy
will heal her body.
Thank you so much!!

So since we have been buried in snow all week, my kids and I have been very
restless. I love this picture. Its like Jermaine is saying "help! I'm tired of these two always hugging
and kissing me! I need to get out of this house full of girls"
I am soooo blessed to have Jill living 1 mile away from me!
I make her come over as often as she can!

Braxtyn LOVES going outside with her daddy!
She begs at the door to go out with him.
He takes her and our dog Dawson on walks in the field
and she cries when she has to come in.

Hmmm what to eat....
He is standing on a foam chair my parents
gave him for Christmas last year.
He calls it his ladder.

My adorable 8 month old is now crawling all over the house!
She is into everything, but mainly just crawls to Nathan or I, pulls herself up
and begs us to pick her up!
I thought when she started crawling she wouldn't need to be held as much...
not true!
But as my amazing mom always tells me "This is such a short time, enjoy
her wanting all your attention"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Our Christmas Adventures

So our Christmas recap!
The Sunday before Christmas we always spend the day with Nathans family!
We go out for a wonderful Sunday brunch at Anthony's then head back
to Yaya and Pake's for games, more food and presents!
SO SO much fun!
Jermaine loves being around family and had a blast!
Its always a fight getting him to leave.
Braxtyn did great too.
She definitely had a lot of "hips" she could hang off of!

Waiting for presents :)

My amazing sister Laura made these! She is sooo talented!

Braxtyns first pair of TOMS! So stinkin adorable!

Love these pictures..

Jermaine and the talking tree..

It's not Christmas unless you play Dance Party 3...(I think that's what it's called..)
At least that's what Jermaine calls it!
He loves LOVES to dance!!

The Grand Finally!!
He was so more then ready for this one...
A huge train set that comes on a table.

Next was Christmas Eve at the Toronchuks!
(my mom and dads)
So much fun having all my sisters under one rooft!
Of course the cousins had a blast playing together!
Olivia LOVES Braxtyn so much!
She is going to be such an amazing Big Sister!!

Of Jordan's from Jill

Another Laura creation!!!

So our Present opening time was spread out over a couple days.
Jermaine was so into his new toys, we should have waiting
until New Years!
Braxtyn, of course, had no clue what was going on...
she just wanted the paper :)

Jermaine made some ornaments this year for the tree
and a "Star" for the top, with help from Zaky Jansen.

SO Stinkin cute!!!!
Once Jermaine saw what it was he said
"OHHH Mommy this is what i always wanted"

And Christmas day we do
a Starbucks run in the morning
(yes its tradition)
 and then we headed to Nathan's parents for
the Vlas side Christmas!
Always a ton of fun!
I LOVE this family!!!!

Braxtyn and Oma

My gorgeous sisters!

Overall, we had a wonderful Christmas and New Years
(which we spend with Jill and Adam:)
No sick kids which was such a HUGE blessing!!

Its hard to put this year in words...
We thought and planned it out way WAY differently
and YES God's plan was WAY better then I could have imagined!
I honestly feel so lucky to
have such a wonderful, loving, patient husband who
is SOOO involved in
raising our children!
And puts them first ALWAYS!!
I know I'm lucky.
To me my children are perfect.
I've said this before...
I never thought I would be able to "compare" my kids
and I can.
Its little things like that I just smile and Thank God with all
my heart.

Jermaine expresses his emotions so good for a 2 year old!
He's so sweet and always makes me laugh...
such a comedian
He's a sponge and has an amazing memory and large vocab!
(if only we could convince him that he is too old for Binky's)
Braxtyn is such a sweet fire ball.
Her smile melts me..
She knows what she wants and she will do anything to get it.
Poor Jermaine doesn't know whats coming!
She is a fighter, that's for sure!!

I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love. I will praise the Lord for all he has done. I will rejoice in his great goodness...which he has granted according to his mercy and love.
Isaiah 63:7