Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February already???
I cant believe it!!
So every since last summer my mom, Erica, Jill and a few others
have been bagging me to grow Jermaine's hair out....
So i tried....
Yes tried...
It was so much work!!!!
I had to save time before leaving the house to make sure both
kids had picked hair...
Jermaine did not like it at all... by the way!
I had to pin him down most times!
So after much thought (not really)
I did this...
Haha Just Joking...

And Little Miss Braxtyn...
She realized if she throws a tantrum and screams
she gets something...
I cant believe already, at 9 Months, she wants to play
with the ipad just because Jermaine is playing with it.
She's a little spit fire!
But, Wow, does she keep things going around here..
Never a dull moment!
So much personality!!
I love it!

Ready for Church!!
I wish this Picture turned out better, its a little fuzzy
but she has the cutest smile!