Friday, October 19, 2012

Early Christmas present...
Nathan couldnt resist

Either on my hip or between my legs or bagging to be heald!
:)Yes, that is my Braxtyn!

My big "PRESCHOOL" boy
or as he says it sometimes "pretty school"
On September 18, Jermaine had his first day of
preschool! It was tough at first for him to say goodbye to
Mommy and Braxtyn without tears,
but now he runs in forgetting to say goodbye to us!
Pictures from the first day of school.
You can tell how excited he is...
He wouldn't look at me...haha

"Why do you want me to smile Mom"

"Fine, I'll smile, but this is all you get mom"

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jill's Engaged!!
I can not believe my baby sister is getting married!
It seem like yesterday when I through her surprise 16th birthday party.
And going to all her volleyball, basketball and tennis games/matches!
Now she is planning her wedding!
I couldn't be more excited/happy for her!
Adam Dickson is an amazing guy, with an amazing heart for the Lord!
What else could I ask for in a brother in law...
Jill, You are my best friend (Yes, next to my amazing husband)!
I love and care for you more then words can
describe! You have ALWAYS been there for me!
Through thick n thin!!
We never let a day go by without a text or call.
You love my children as if they were your own!
Thank you for pushing me to trust in the Lord and NEVER giving up!
You bring so much Joy in my life.
I am so proud of you Jill!
Adam is a very very lucky Guy!

After Adam proposed, my parents and his family were all waiting
at our house!
We were all ready for the details!

Can't stop texting everyone!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bath time for Braxtyn!


I just cant get enough of this little one!