Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Photos

Since my Christmas cards are out, I thought i would post the pictures
that didn't make the card.
My amazing, so talented brother in law, Josh, took them for us!
Auntie Laura helped make the kids laugh and boy did they laugh!

You can also tell we have a comedian on our hands :)
Jermaine is so funny and has so much personality.
The pictures
at the end say it all!

Friday, December 9, 2011


December has been a busy but good month so far...
I'm working quiet a bit which add to the craziness of the Christmas season.
Jermaine woke up yesterday with a fever but seems to be doing alright.
Just very tired and needy.
We're just praying Braxtyn doesn't get it.
She is needy enough :) (in a good way of course)

Lately whenever I bring out the camera, Braxtyn starts to smile!
She makes it so easy!
To bad Jermaine doesn't do that!!

Yes Still no teeth...just all gums :)
So weird to think Jermaine had at lease 4 at this age!
7 months old on Tuesday! Time is flying!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Our 80 degree Thanksgiving

For the last 4 years we have spent
thanksgiving in Palm Springs with
Nathans family!
Every year is tons of fun, filled with
great family time and
AMAZING food (yummy Mexican) and the weather
has been decent...
Until this year! We had high 70s and low 80s!
 It was so great!
Jermaine had so much fun in the pool
with his daddy, aunts and uncles!
Braxtyn on the other hand wasn't to sure if she
liked it...She didn't last very long.
The first day she was only in the pool for about 20 min.
I put sunscreen on her and she had a hat on the
entire time and she still got tan lines!
I would have to say Jermaine favorite thing was going
on golf cart rides (especially with his grandpa (paka)
He still tells me everyday how they saw a toad on the bunny trails
and then the sprinklers went off so they
had to turn the wipers on in the golf cart!

Dear uncle Lukey (as Jermaine calls him)
played "Jet ski"
(He even made the sounds)
We love you uncle Lukey!

Thank you Tara for her adorable swim suits!!!

So every year we have a scavenger hunt.
The first year it was just our family (zoerinks)
split into two teams.
Then the 2nd year we asked the Jansens and Kenners
if they would like to partake in our tradition.
And they all quickly jumped on board!
Let me tell you...
this is a very intense scavenger hunt
 We had to make new rules
and this year went a lot smoother!
Kathy Jansen and Nathan were the judges
and they did amazing!

Yes it was SOOOOOO hard to come home!
Thank you again
yaya and paka
for another unforgettable trip!
we love you!