Sunday, June 24, 2012

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Jermaine
I can not believe our little boy is 3 already...
Nathan put up a picture on our computer screen of when he was 6 days old
and it feels just like yesterday!
I totally remember him as a 1 month old and a 6 month old.
Oh he was such a chunk too!
We would lay him on his back
and say, "OK, go to sleep."
and he would...
Wow, he was soooooo easy!!
Last week Nathan and I went on a trip with some friends and the night we
got back we gave the kids a bath and Nathan was getting
Jermaine out of the tube and he said
"Daddy can i just take a nap in your arms"
Ohhh he is just so so sweet!
This little boy melts me every time he looks at me.
He has so much LOVE in him!
He is such a great big brother! Very protective over his "baby Braxtyn"
(he still calls her)
Jermaine and I took an Art class together and my amazing, sweet, beautiful
friend Megan (love you girl)
watched Braxtyn during the 45 min class.
Jermaine did NOT like leaving Braxtyn.
He would say he missed her as soon as we pulled out of their driveway!

What Jermaine LOVES:
Pump Trucks (Blue ones!)
Thomas the Tank Engine
I Pad
    PEZ (Love you Laurie)
           California (He says we should move there)
Helping Daddy with anything
Fixing things with tools
Hot Dogs
Hilltop Restaurant
Mowing the Lawn
Going to the Library with Grandma
Riding the 4-wheelers
            Cleaning (yes, he is his fathers son :)
Doing "Jillian" with mom & dad
John Deere
His friends and family!!

Outfit of choice on his birthday...
Optimus Prime shirt and Basketball shorts

Klay, Kennedy, and baby Kolhson Jackson came over for lunch!
I didn't tell Jermaine who was coming over.
I should have recorded it!
He was SOOO excited!

As soon as daddy came home he was ready to open presents!
Then our families all came over for cake and presents!


Yes...I cant believe it either! Laura where are you??!! My beautiful sister
makes the most amazing cakes!!
So Sad! We miss you so much!

Sweet Pake and Uncle Lukey!
Always ready to help!

It was a very special night!
We skyped with Josh and Laura
(which meant everything to me)
It felt like they were there!
Love you! Miss you J & L

Friday, June 1, 2012

Thank you G & G Kreider!!

This is to my amazing Grandpa and Grandma Kreider!
I so wish you could have been here and seen these two open up
their presents from you!
Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in getting them
birthday presents!
It meant so much to all of us!
Grandma I just love your handwriting!
Miss you both so very very much!