Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Story Time!

Jermaine LOVES books...I mean LOVES!
We could spend all day reading books!
He has sooo many book memorized he reads them to us!
So now that he has a little sister...he insists she joins us for story time. 
He even makes her feel the fussy things on the page.

 Braxtyns not too impressed...

Potty Training is still going pretty good...
I know it will take a little bit.
It's just hard going out and having people over
because thats when he will have an accident!
He gets so distracted and excited!
But he is good at telling me he has to go!

So yes Nathan jumped the gun and had promised him
something special if he learned how to go in the potty.
So here is what he got....

Our sweet beautiful dog Dawson...Who doesn't make it on here
near as much as he should!
He is soooo special to us! All the way from PA!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What have we been up to??
hmmm a lot! We are finally somewhat healthy.
Even though Jermaine woke up with a runny nose this morning
but that's nothing compared to what my dear
 husband has all been through.
He is doing great though! Knee and Allergy stuff are
all in tip top shape!...Finally!
We started potty training Jermaine Labor day
weekend...Yes it was LABOR. He is doing really good
though. Braxtyn is doing great. We have her 4 month check up
next Tuesday, so I'm really excited to see how much she weighs.
hahah it wont be much!
She is defiantly teething. Constantly sucks on everything
she can reach. She gets so excited when Jermaine's around playing with her.
He can make her laugh so hard! So can her daddy!

4 Month Pictures!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Whistler 2011

Last weekend we went on a fun trip
to Whistler BC with Nathan's family...
all but Michael and our dear little Braxtyn, who stayed with
my parents. It was hard leaving her but we knew
we needed a vacation where we could go and do
things rather then work around baby schedules. And Jermaine
is at the age where if he doesn't get a nap...hes just more
grumpy in the afternoon.
It was such a perfect weekend too! The weather was perfect for walking,
playing in the pool, and going up on the mountains!

Thank you again mom and dad for a relaxing fun weekend!

Sooo yes Jermaine's "EYES". This is what he does
if any one says "eyes"...he can roll them all the way back, you
have to see it to believe it. I cant discribe it, but its so funny!

Thank you sooo much Quenisha for this adorable outfit!
Love you girl!

Jermaine sees a puppy :)