Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Osoyoos "camping"

So my Dad planned this amazing weekend getaway for my family last weekend.
We stayed in an adorable cabin and had 7 acres all to ourselves right on the water!
It was so perfect for the kids!
They had so much room to run and play!
Dawson even came and LOVED it!
So Nathan and I aren't "campers" by any means...
We told Jermaine we were going "camping" because to us, THIS is camping...
Bed, Shower, Kitchen, but no insulation...Yes this is OUR type of "camping"
Well the poor thing...We get to the House late Friday night,
He had been sleeping most the trip and woke up when we got there.
He looked around and said (with tears in his eyes)
"I thought we were going camping??"
My sweet little boy thought we were going to "tent" it...
But after a good night sleep he was very happy to wake up with his cousins!
Larry and Cathy Lewis also joined us and Phil (Josh's Brother)


Such a strong little boy haha


You were so missed Laura and Josh

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My 2 Blessings!

Still no teeth!
I swear she has been teething for 9 months!!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Braxtyn's 1

Our sweet baby girl is 1...
This past year has gone by quite fast.
All last week and this week
my mind races back 1 year ago...
So much happened...
And happened quickly...
I keep thinking...ok, did I enjoy it...Do I remember everything?
Honestly..Picking her up is kind of a blurr mixed with fear from her short
hospital stay, mixed with excitement just to get home!
From day 9 (when we got her)
her personality hasn't changed much!
Braxtyn is very determined to get what she wants.
She is a little spit fire I say.
She wants everything her brother has and has to know
what is going on ALL the time.
Nathan calls her "hip" because that is where she wants to be 24/7
She is sassy but sweet...
 Rough but cuddly
She hasn't slept through the night since December :)
Yes LONG LONG restless nights! (I think of you dear cousin Ang)
(Thank you to my sweet mother who steals her whenever she can so I can get a full nights sleep!)
But all in all, I cant imagine my life without her!
She brings us so much joy!
We are soooo in Love!
I say this all the time, but I am TRULY blessed!
Jermaine and Braxtyn are the best gifts God has given us!
Yes, Nathan and I are SO into our children
because they are everything we have ever wanted!

So last Sunday, May 13th, Mothers Day.
We celebrated Jermaine and Braxtyn's Birthday with
the extended family!
It was so much fun! Such beautiful weather!
(As I was looking through these pictures I noticed she wasn't smiling in
most of them...that is her, She is so happy and smiles most of the time,
but when you throw in 30 faces she doesn't see everyday she gets shy!!)

Braxtyn's beautiful Aunties and Yaya!

Thank you again Yaya and Paka for my adorable
lawn chair!

Time for a dip in the pool in her new swimsuit from
Auntie Leisha and Uncle Lukey
Braxtyn LOVES water! When in doubt...give her a bath
or take her outside!

Jermaine and Sawyer

Braxtyn loves her Grandma!

Giving Great Grandma Zoerink Hugs!

Playing with Sweet Kennedy!

Jermaine got his first remote "monster truck"
he calls it!

Thank you again everyone for coming!
It was a very special day for us!

Missed you DeBoers and Rondaels!
And ALL my Pennsylvania Family

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Watching Cat n The Hat this morning.
So sweet these two...
Braxtyn knows when the theme song is going to come on
and she starts dancing like crazy!

So Cute...they are holding hands.