Tuesday, April 17, 2012

2011 Family Album

This is sooooo cool!
 I just finished my shutterfly album for 2011
and there was a link to post it on blogspot, so i did and
here you go!
So amazing what you can do these days!
I hope you can see it ok!

Photo Book

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Thursday, April 12, 2012

April already.....

So sorry to all my wonderful followers!
I took a little break from blogging.
Its been a little crazy around here with me coaching tennis.
Not used to having a full time job!
I really don't know how moms do it! I feel like my head is
going to explode sometimes!
So yes, in the mean time this is what we have been up too
as we wait for nicer weather!

Pick your battles...right??

So Jermaine always has something to say...
People always ask me, "are you writing this down"
and I'm like no, because he talks ALL the time...
So here are some cute things lately...

He woke up one morning and said..
"Mom, I had knee surgery and I had to drive my old pick up to the doctors"
"Mom, do you know what California means?? (as he points to each finger as he is listing this)
1.scrambled eggs
4. a swimming pool
5.two golf carts
6. a big house
7. and an airplane that will take you where ever you are going.
"Mom, ask me how my nap was."
"Mom, ask me how my sandwich was."
"Mom, ask me how tall I am because you don't know I'm 3 foot 2"
"Mom, Tobyn and I are big brothers, we hug because we love each other a lot"
(He LOVES his cousins)

Happy Birthday Adam!!!
We had a little BBQ party for Adam.
SO much fun having him around!
(even though i don't see Jill as much)
They are so sweet together!!!

Football time!!

Jermaine always pretends to tie his "football" shoes

Happy Easter!!
So for Easter this year we were so excited to have Trenton and Tania here
and have our dear friends Matt, Shannon and Sawyer
join us.
Both Jill and Laura were out of state.
So weird to be the only sister here sometimes!
We had lunch at my parents house and an egg hunt.
Then we headed off to Nathans family.
I cant believe I didn't take any pictures.
ALSO I'm so so soooo bumped I didn't even take one of Jermaine and Braxtyn together!!

I just LOVE Jermaine and Tobyns face in this picture!

On a mission...

Ready for a nap!

Finally Shannon and I got a picture together!
Love this girl so much!

Off to Yayas....