Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Well we've sure been staying busy!
I know I will be kicking myself because I have not brought my
camera out near enough!
So many little things I am missing. ahhhh!
And just like last year I forgot my camera on July 4th! GRRR
We had an amazing time at the Vissers, hopefully I can get ahold
of someones camera and get copies.
So here is all I have of dear Braxtyn...

This little girl goes a mile a minute!

I just love this picture because you can see her little eye lashes.
Which are actually quite long!

Two weekends ago we had our adorable little boy
Sawyer over for two nights.
First sleepover for Jermaine!
It was so much fun!
Jermaine and Sawyer are like brothers.
I tell people he is my third child.
He called me "mommy amber" all weekend!!
ohhh I loved it!
But yes I did not take enough pictures at all, but then,
again, I had no time
having a 1-2 and 3 year old!

Of course they would not sit still for a picture!!
They play so good together!


On a little wagon ride around the house...
 I tried to get a good picture of the two.
But as you can tell each picture could tell a story!
Both my kids are full of expression!
I couldnt decide which ones to post, so I just did them all...
because they just make me smile!